Elna eXcellence 710

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The Elna eXcellence 710 Computerized Sewing Machine has a generous sewing surface in addition to various functionalities and eye-catching features. This machine is loaded with features like convenient one-touch buttons, an LCD display with a touch control panel, built-in needle threader, 7-piece retractable feed dog, drop feed sensor, LED lights, 170 stitches including 10 one-step automatic buttonholes, twin-needle sewing, and much more! The eXcellence 710 will help you unlock all of your creative sewing potential and is suited for sewers seeking comfort and flawless work quality while still being fit for beginners.

One-Touch Buttons
With convenient one-touch buttons at the tip of your fingers, the eXcellence 710 allows you to switch tasks smoothly and effortlessly. You will find the following features along the front of the machine: start/stop, reverse, auto-lock, needle up/down, thread cutter, and speed control slider. With these buttons, you can raise or lower the needle, prevent your stitches from coming undone, use them in place of a foot control, and so much more.

Stitch Chart
Select and create designs from the vast range of 170 built-in stitches like utility, decorative, numbers/letters, European accented letters, Cyrillic letters, 9mm monogram stitches, and 10 one-step buttonholes. The onboard stitch chart shows all included stitches and their reference numbers, making it easy to select your desired stitch. A number of these stitches can be flipped and mirrored!

Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder w/ Integrated Thread Cutters
The Elna eXcellence 710 has an auto-declutch bobbin winder that makes sewing a breeze. Keep multiple bobbins on hand to have the perfect thread color for every project! Never worry about overfilling your bobbin; the machine automatically stops when it detects that your bobbin is full.

91 Needle Positions
The 710 has 91 needle positions. These different positions allow for more detail in decorative stitches and stunning fine adjustments in all stitch creations. And with the 9mm stitch width, this sort of bold detail can be easily appreciated.

Built-In Needle Threader
Thread your needle effortlessly on the Elna eXcellence 710! The superior construction of the integrated needle threader eliminates the need to manually thread your needle and allows you to begin sewing right away. It precisely and consistently feeds the thread through the needle eye with exact accuracy every time!

LCD Screen
The easy-to-read screen displays your stitch pattern, mode, stitch pattern number, type of presser foot, stitch width, and stitch length.

Presser Foot Lift
The 710 features an extra-high presser foot lift. This additional space makes it easier to sew multilayer projects, so there is no more struggling to fit thick fabrics like denim and fleece under your presser foot.

Adjustable Foot Pressure
Sew professional-level stitches with the help of the adjustable presser foot pressure. Turn the dial along the top of the machine to adjust your pressure according to the type of fabric you are sewing.

Snap-On Feet
Change your presser foot in seconds with snap-on presser feet. You can switch from a straight stitch foot to a blind hem foot without ever reaching for a screwdriver.

Free Arm
The auxilary table provides an extended sewing area but can be removed for free-arm sewing of cylindrical items. Remove the bed of the machine to access this feature, and start stitching sleeves, waistbands, pant legs, etc. It is also convenient for darning socks or elbows.

Onboard Storage
Featuring a unique accessory compartment in the top cover, the eXcellence 710 offers easy and permanent access to the most frequently used presser feet. This smart design is perfect for organizing the collection of feet that come with this machine. You also get more storage in the bed of the machine that's great for bobbins, needles, and those bigger presser feet like your buttonhole foot.

LED Lighting
On the machine are five ultrabright LED lamps in three areas for shadow-free sewing. LED lighting allows you to sew or quilt for hours without the eye strain associated with traditional bulbs. These white LEDs illuminate your project without putting off unsafe heat and last substantially longer than conventional sewing machine bulbs.

One Step Needle Plate Conversion
Elna's smart system allows you to effortlessly switch from one needle plate to another in one easy step. No more screws or tools! Simply press down the needle plate release lever, located just behind the extension table, and the needle plate will pop off.

Zigzag Foot A
Rolled Heem Foot D
Zipper Foot E
Satin Stitch Foot F
Open-Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
Blindhem Foot G
Overcast Foot M
1/4" Seam Foot O
Darning Foot PD-H
Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot QB-S
Closed-Toe Foot
Open-Toe Foot
Clear View Foot
Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
Buttonhole Stabilizer Plate
Dual Feed Foot Holder
Dual Feed Foot AD
Button Sewing Foot T
Quilting Guide Bar
Large Spool Holder
Small Spool Holder
Special Spool Holder
Spool Supporter
Felt Cushion
Extra Spool Pin
Lint Brush
Seam Ripper
Knee Lifter
Straight Stitch Needle Plate
Touch Panel Stylus
Power Cord
Foot Control
Semi-Hard Fabric Cover
and the Instruction Manual.