Elna eXcellence 680PLUS

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If you are a sewing or patchwork and quilting enthusiast, you will love Elna's 680+ Fashion & Decor Edition Sewing Machine. Designed to support you in various sewing projects, the 680+ has all the features you expect without sacrificing stability. This premium computerized model offers 170 stitches, 91 needle positions, drop feed, a free arm, knee lifter, ample workspace, LED lighting, and more. Combined with the included extra-wide table and 1000 stitches per minute, you can sew quilts, garments, and crafts. The 7-piece feed dog system grants excellent fabric capability and can smoothly sew many fabrics. Regular and decorative stitches will lend a professional finish to all your sewing projects.

91 Needle Positions
The 680+ has an unbelievable 91 needle positions. This allows for more detail in decorative stitches, and incredible fine adjustments in all stitch creations. And with the 9mm stitch width, this sort of bold detail can be easily appreciated.

Needle Threader
Including an additional thread guide, the advanced design of the built-in needle threader ensures extreme precision and accuracy. In a few simple steps, this feature puts an end to fastidious threading and you can start sewing without delay.

Stitches, Alphabets, Buttonholes
Choose from a diverse collection of stitch options on Elna's eXcellence 680+. This powerful machine is fully equipped with 170 built-in stitches, ten one-step buttonholes, and an alphabet. There are utility, stretch, heirloom, decorative stitches, and more packed into this machine.

Featuring a unique accessory compartment in the front cover, the eXcellence 680+ offers easy and permanent access to the most frequently used presser feet. This smart design is perfect for organizing the collection of feet that come with this machine. You also get more storage in the bed of the machine that's great for bobbins, needles, and those bigger presser feet like your buttonhole foot.

7-Piece Feed Dogs
Get professional-quality stitches on the 680+ with the hlep of the 7-piece feed dog system. The feed dogs are located below the needle plate and move in sync with your presser foot to feed the fabric through the machine. This seven-piece feed dog system ensures a more consistent fabric feed, keeping layers from shifting as you sew. The feed system on Elna's 680+ moves in a box motion; unlike the elliptical rotation of other feed dogs, a box rotation provides a more controlled feed.

LCD Screen
The easy-to-read screen displays your stitch pattern, mode, stitch pattern number, type of presser foot, stitch width, and stitch length.

Knee Lifter
Using the knee lifter, you can raise and lower the presser foot with your knee, leaving both hands free to handle the fabric.

Adjustable Foot Pressure
Sew professional-level stitches with the help of the adjustable presser foot pressure. Turn the dial along the top of the machine to adjust your pressure according to the type of fabric you are sewing.

Snap-On Feet
Change your presser foot in seconds with snap-on presser feet. You can switch from a straight stitch foot to a blind hem foot without ever reaching for a screwdriver.

One-Step Needle Plate Conversion
Switching out the needle plate could not be easier on the eXcellence. Merely remove the extension table, raise the needle and presser foot, push down the needle plate release lever, swap the needle plate out for the new one, pop it into place, and you are ready to sew.

Convenient One Touch Buttons
Equipped with convenient one-touch buttons, Elna's 680+ allows you to switch tasks smoothly and effortlessly. You will find the following options along the front of the machine: needle up/down, automatic thread cutter, lock stitch, start/stop, speed control slider, and reverse stitch. With these buttons, you can raise or lower the needle, prevent your stitches from coming undone, use them in place of a foot control, and so much more.

LED Lighting
Mounted on the machine are six ultrabright LED lamps in three areas for shadow-free sewing. LED lighting allows you to sew or quilt for hours on end without the eye strain that's associated with traditional bulbs. This illuminates your project without putting off unsafe heat and lasts subsantially longer than traditional sewing machine bulbs.

Auto-Declutch Bobbin Winder
This machine comes with a auto-declutch bobbin winder that makes sewing a breeze. You can keep multiple bobbins on hand, so you have the perfect thread color for every project! You never have to worry about overfilling your bobbin; the machine automatically stops when it detects that your bobbin is full.

Work Space
The 680+ allows you to sew large projects with ease. This machine features 8.3" to the right of the needle and 4.7" of clearance under the arm. It also includes an extra-wide extension table that measures 19.7" by 11.8".

Rolled Hem Foot
Zipper Foot
Satin Stitch Foot
Blind Hemming Foot
Overedge Foot
1/4" Seam Foot
Darning Foot
Automatic Buttonhole Foot
Stabilizer Plate
Button Sewing Foot
Even Feed Foot
Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot
Free Motion Quilting Foot
Open-toe Foot
Clear View Foot
Quilting Guide Bar
Needle Case
Knee Lifter
Seam Ripper
Built-in Storage
Extra Spool Pin
Spool Holder (L & S)
Spool Holders (Special)
Lint Brush
Quilting Guide Bar
Straight Stitch Needle Plate
Extra-wide Table