Elna eXplore 160

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The Elna eXplore 160 Mechanical Sewing Machine provides an array of different stitches and technical characteristics perfectly fit for beginners. Improve your sewing efficiencies with features such as 12 essential built-in stitches with a visual stitch display, including one 4-step buttonhole, snap-on presser feet, retractable feed dog, auto declutch bobbin winder, reverse lever, and much more! Discover a world of sewing on the eXplore 160. Compact, robust, and weighing in at just above 13lbs, the Elna eXplore 160 is equipped with the necessary features to meet everyday sewing needs while exploring innovative ideas.

Built-In Stitches
The eXplore 160 features commonly used stitches for everyday projects. From simple utility to decorative stitches that will thrive on various fabric types. This collection of sewing stitches is everything a beginner needs for basic sewing. Also included is one 4-step buttonhole that will allow you to create neat, consistent buttonholes. Save time with the easy-access stitch chart displayed on the machine for the perfect stitch selection.

Thread Tension | Stitch Length Dial | Pattern Selector Dial
Along the front of the machine are the manual tension setting and two dial settings that enable you to choose your pattern selection and stitch length. These dials are easily adjustable to create perfectly balanced stitches based on your fabric type and weight. Choose a stitch pattern of your choice and easily modify the stitch length. Refer to your manual for recommended stitch length ranges for specific stitch patterns.

Extra-High Presure Foot Lift
The presser foot lifter raises and lowers the presser foot about 1/4" (0.6 cm) higher than the normal up position for easy removal of the presser feet or to accommodate placing thicker material or heavy fabrics like denim or quilt layers under the foot.

Reverse Lever
Use the reverse stitch lever to secure your stitches. Whether you have multiple layers or just regular stitches that you want to keep safe, the reverse stitch helps keep your ends from fraying or unraveling. Hold down the reverse stitch lever, and your machine will sew in reverse, reinforcing your stitches.

Free Arm
Enjoy the liberty of sewing pant legs, waistbands, sleeves, and other tubular items with the free arm on the Elna eXplore 160. A must-have feature for circular sewing, the convertible free arm detaches easily and doubles as a built-in storage compartment.

Auto-Declutch Bobbin Winder
The Elna eXplore 160 Sewing Machine is fit with an auto-declutch bobbin winder that makes sewing a breeze. You can keep multiple bobbins on hand, so you have the perfect thread color for every project! You never have to worry about overfilling your bobbin; the machine automatically stops when it detects that your bobbin is full.

Top-Loading Bobbin
Forget the hassle of a 3-step process of loading a front/side facing bobbin! With a top-loading bobbin case, you just drop your bobbin in and go! That means more time and less frustration getting your machine ready to sew. This feature is perfect for someone just learning how to handle a sewing machine.

LED Lighting
Compared to conventional lighting, LED lighting provides a brighter and shadow-free illumination on the eXplore 160. Power-saving and eco-friendly LED bulbs are a more innovative solution altogether. LED bulbs don't put off much heat and last substantially longer than traditional sewing machine bulbs.

Zig-Zag Foot A
Zipper Foot E
Sliding Buttonhole Foot R
Blindhemming Foot G
Spool Holders (large & small)
Extra Spool Pin
Seam Ripper
Foot Control
Power Cord
Soft Cover
and the Instruction Manual.