Janome Roller Leather Foot

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Janome HD Roller Foot for Janome High Shank 7mm and 9mm

The Janome HD Roller Foot is great when sewing with thick materials, such as vinyl, plastic, leather, and upholstery fabric. Perfect for performing tasks, such as sewing extra large piping and other home sewing projects with curves. This foot gives the user much better visibility, enabling you to easily manipulate the fabric for sewing rounded edges and curves with accuracy.


  • Smooth feeding of fabric - The roller holds the material while rotating, so materials are fed smoothly. Thick piping cord can also be sews with the needle directly beside the cord.  
  • Adjustable roller position - Position the roller and needle close to each other in order to keep the stitch length as uniform as possible.
  • Retractable roller part - The roller can be retracted to the left side to make a space around the needle and allow for easier threading.

Note: This foot is not compatible with machines that have an integrated dual drive or with low shank machines. 

To be clear: this foot is compatible with the following Janome machines:

  1.  For Janome 9mm wide stitch, high shank models (well all 9mm wide stitch models are high shank)
  2. For Janome 7mm wide stitch models which are also high shank excluding the Janome Mc6600P and Horizon Mc7700 which have the built-in upper feed mechanism)
  3. For high speed straight stitch models: Janome 1600P and Janome HD9